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Admission Info

Dear Parents

Welcome to Little Bees Montessori Preschool. Below is a guide to enrolling your child here. We are excited that you have finally made a decision to know more about us!

At Little Bees Montessori we continue to take action to limit the spread of COVID-19. To reduce potential exposure to our community. Little Bees Montessori Preschool has transitioned to a Distance Learning structure and our physical campus is closed since March 20, 2020. We have temporarily suspended all visits to the school except by appointment. We will be opening an online school namely LITTLE BEES ONLINE. Upon subscribing parents or children will be able to login, navigate to their classes and go through learning materials for that day. This is open to anyone throughout the world. For those already enrolled you will need to subscribe to gain access to your lessons through logging in. This is a different school running separately

Please read the details below for how you can learn more about Little Bees Montessori Preschool. To discover other ways to learn more about our school during this time, email the School Director at amtswedu@gmail.com. or info@littlebees.co.zw. or admin@littlebees.co.zw. or littlebeemonte@gmail.com. OR sign up through our website for one of our online events. Applications are open online for the 2020-21 school year. Space is available in all programs. Please complete an application online to be considered for enrollment.

Thank you so much for your interest in Little Bees Montessori Preschool. Making decisions about a child’s education is one of the most important decisions we make as parents. During the admissions process, we aim to provide you with all the information you need to make the most informed decision possible.

Our website has lots of helpful information about the Montessori approach to education, as well as information about our school. We are glad to learn you know that when you enroll at Little Bees your child is receiving internationally approved Montessori education. We have students who have transferred to Canada and America and have fitted very well in those countries Montessori schools.

We are member to the following International and locally recognized Montessori School Organisations

  1. Southern Centre Montessori Group of Schools (Zimbabwe MCI),
  2. Association Montessori Internationale (Netherlands).
  3. Kindercare Zimbabwe Group of Schools.
In a nutshell, we can say with confidence that our school provides an authentic Montessori education, a place where children are free to explore, follow their passions and satisfy their curiosity. Each child is nurtured, respected and learns at their own pace under the guidance of caring Directors who inspire and challenge our students.

Our school year is from January through to Mid -December. Enrollment is open throughout the year. Interested in learning more about Little Bees Montessori Preschool Contact:
  • Director Mrs A. Mtswedu, at amtswedu@gmail.com, littlebeemonte@gmail.com +263 774789675
  • Director Mr. D. Mtswedu at dmutsvedu@gmail.com +211912178 351
  • Mr. MD Mtswedu at mutsamtswedu@gmail.com , +27653885849.
  • We look forward to the opportunity to provide more information and answer any questions that you may have.

    Admissions Process

    Step 1: Parent Visit
    • Schedule a weekly campus tour with the admission office (held normally throughout the week afternoons 2 -4pm throughout the school year by appointment) You can also visit at other times provided prior arrangements have been made with school authorities. NB: Given the nature of the parent visit, this is an adults-only session.
    Step 2: Application
    • Apply for your child and a non-refundable 20LBUs application fee. Applications are available ONLINE HERE. Applications are valid for two years from the date of submission. NB: Please contact the Admission Office to inquire about available spaces in your child’s grade level or program.
    Step 3: Child Visit
    • A child visit is required for all applicants. Infants and Middle-Class applicants spend approximately 1 hour working on lessons with one of our Montessori lead Directors to assess developmental readiness. Grade zero and Grade 1s Program applicants spend a minimum of two full school days with us, engaging in the Montessori environment. NB. Variations to the above can be discussed with school authorities
    Step 4: Reference letter
    • A recommendation from the applicant’s current teacher is required from Middle Class and above. Teacher recommendations are confidential and must be mailed directly to the Admissions Office. If your child does not currently attend school, please submit a letter from someone who knows your child. For example: a teacher, church, or daycare center leader.
    Step 5: Decision
    • Admissions decisions are communicated to parents earliest within a week and continue on a rolling basis as the application process is completed. Enrollment Contracts, accompanied by a 150LBUs non-refundable deposit that is credited toward tuition, are due to Little Bees Montessori preschool by the time of admission to secure your child’s space. We undertake a very deliberate and thoughtful approach when deciding whether to offer an enrollment contract, factoring in all the information gleaned throughout this entire process.
    NB: Siblings of current families are given priority placement. We give preference to families whose goals and intentions for their children align with the Montessori philosophy and who embrace the long-term value of Little Bees Montessori education.
Zimbabwe Cell Nos: +263774789675
International Cell Nos: +211912178351 / +27653885849
Midlands Province Zimbabwe,
Stand No. 934 Eastlea Zvishavane