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Advantages of a Montessori Education

Advantages of a Montessori Education

Dr. Montessori talked about her philosophy of education as being “education for life.” What does that mean today? Is this old approach to educating children still relevant?

The answer is a yes. Latest studies have identified collaboration, problem solving and innovation, selfregulation and communication as some of the skills needed in this modern era. People who have shown high development of these modern era skills were twice as likely to have higher work quality. Sadly, another finding was that most respondents confessed to getting these skills outside school setting. Dr Montessori had been an advocate of a school environment that depicted normal life setting. In other she wanted children to learn within their life setting as our motto rightly says WE LEARN AS WE PLAY. At Little Bees we are just one big family where a real-life stage is played with all those skills being learnt naturally

In a Montessori classroom, development of these skills is built into the fabric of our curriculum and environment. Children are driven by the zeal to learn rather than being first or second in class. It is not a competition but a WOW! period as curiosity and joy of learning are fostered. Students take charge of their own learning. They work collaboratively with their brothers and sisters to uncover solutions. The process of trial and error more often not leads to finding a new way to approach - and solve - a problem. Our children yearn for knowledge!

Our classrooms are learning communities, each Montessori area is a part of an educational ecosystem with children being a vital and integral part of something larger than themselves. Children learn from an early age how their contributions can be part of a greater agenda. Uniquely they bring their own unique contribution to the community, as well as maintain their responsibilities to other children and teachers. Developing the freedom to express their thoughts and ideas gives them confidence and prepares them to be part of whatever community they find themselves in.

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