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Middle Class Butterflies(3-4yrs)

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The Middle-class Program is designed for children ages 3 - 4 years old. Each class consists of up to 12 children with one director, a Montessori-certified Director.

Two Programs Are Offered (all 5 days/week, Monday-Friday):

  • Half-Day Program (8:00-12 pm): ages 3-4
  • Full-Day Program (8:00-3.30 pm): ages 3-4

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With a nurturing personality and hands-on approach towards learning, we are thrilled to have Andile as part of our team. Her commitment to childhood education makes her the perfect fit for the Butterflies

NB: We prefer that all our Butterfly class attend our full-day program.

However, we are flexible where parents prefer half day though it might slow their pace.

In the ECD A class, children work at their own pace within a meticulously prepared environment and with the nurturing guidance of the directors. The setting provides opportunities for children to learn from and with each other. Social skills and a sense of community are natural outgrowths of this multiage setting. Fully accessible Montessori materials promote hands-on exploration, discovery and mastery and are focused in 5 areas: Practical life, Sensorial, Language Arts, Math and Cultural (science, Geography, Art, and Music). Our Ndebele teacher helps the children develop an ear for Ndebele, introducing slowly basic words and phrases in Ndebele.

Our newly done playground with artificial turf keeps our children clean and smart when they play. The children love it. In our full-day program, children also eat lunch, then nap/rest (usually 3-4-year olds) then they will continue with their lessons.

The 5 areas of focus in our ECD A classes are:

• Practical Life – Develops a child's independence (care of self and care of environment) and fine motor skills. Etiquette Courtesy lessons promote kindness, collaboration, and respect.
• Sensorial – Sharpens the child's senses and introduces children to math concepts in a sensorial, handson way.
• Mathematics – Using manipulatives, builds upon a child's previous sensorial experiences which leads to internalizing concepts of number, symbol, sequence, and operations.

• Language Arts – Deepens a child's understanding of phonemic awareness. When a child understands that words are made up of sounds, multi-sensory hands on materials (e.g., sandpaper letters, moveable alphabet) bring the child to reading mastery. Multiple materials lead to the child's developing fine motor control, as preparation for handwriting.
• Cultural – Broadens the child's understanding of the world around them through exposure to geography, history, science, music, art, and different cultures. Upon completion of the Middle-Class Program, children transition to ECD B Program.

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