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Why Little Bees

It is a member of the following organisations:

  • Southern Centre Montessori Group of Schools (Zimbabwe, Formerly MCI UK)
  • Association Montessori Internationale (Netherlands).
  • Kindercare Zimbabwe Group of Schools.


Little Bees Montessori Preschool is a registered school with the Zimbabwean Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education as an ECD Centre. It is the only registered Montessori school in Zvishavane. It caters for children from the age of 18 months to 7 years following the Montessori model of teaching. It is situated in the Zvishavane town of Eastlea suburb on a quarter of an acre piece of land. Since 2017, Little Bees Montessori Preschool has offered local children an opportunity to discover the world through multi-sensorial exploration. It is based upon the discoveries of Dr. Maria Montessori and the belief that children, if given freedom and guidance in surroundings that are safe, orderly and within reach, will seek knowledge and learn while building self-reliance and discipline. With a teacher to pupil ratio of 1:10 the school has 6 classrooms and a 250m² of playground, a rabbit cage, fowl run and garden for the children. This year saw it enrolling its first Grade 1 class.

The Head - Mrs. Mtswedu:

She is a qualified Primary School teacher who taught for 16 years in both public and private schools. She holds a teaching Diploma from the University of Zimbabwe, Bachelor of Education in Administration and Policy Studies from ZOU and a Diploma in Early Childhood Education from Montessori Centre International (UK. London)

In all Little Bees Montessori Preschool classrooms, mixed age groups and multi-levels work together for the benefit of every student. A “hands-on” curriculum in a prepared, directed environment is proven to encourage students to advance at their own pace and explore learning without limits from external factors. Additionally, all senses are engaged in the learning process, not just sight and sound.
• Focus on Creativity
Creativity in all facets of learning is encouraged. Academic programs are specifically designed to include creative processes. Focus is always on “total child development,’” not just academic achievement. • Child based curriculum
Students work as long as they need/want to on chosen projects. Guided by their Directress, they set their own learning pace and identify errors through feedback from materials. All learning and skill development is reinforced through repetition of activity and internal feelings of success. Children can work where they are comfortable and are encouraged to move and talk at will (without disruption to other students). Group work is voluntary.
• An Ideal environment
Little Bees environment is calm and nurturing. The teacher’s role is unobtrusive, and the student actively participates in learning. Children are encouraged to internalise information and knowledge and develop self-directed learning skills.
• Parental Participation Is Encouraged
Organised programs, specifically designed for the parents to understand and participate in the Montessori learning process, are offered regularly. Parents are encouraged to actively take part in their child’s education

About Our Programs

Although Little Bees Montessori Preschool is a private school it infuses the Government prescribed Syllabus for all ECD centres into its Montessori approach enabling our children to fit into any type of school in Zimbabwe when they leave. At this level we serve students 2 to 4 years of age. Four primary classrooms, each with a Montessori trained teacher and classroom aide for the baby class, serve our Early ECD students. Each classroom hosts a full array of Montessori tools specifically designed to guide the child through exploration and investigation. Learning in a Little Bees Montessori Preschool classroom is both exciting and challenging, yet in an environment that is calm and respectful. The Montessori four-year teaching cycle helps develop within the child a level of comfort and confidence that encourages attention and participation during each stage of learning and increases retention of knowledge as the child progresses at their own pace
Again, at this level the school infuses the Zimbabwean Govt Syllabus into the Montessori style. Designed specifically to follow a student as they progress, a Little Bees Montessori class continues to offer multi-sensory tools that guide children to seek knowledge, formulate concepts and encourage internal self-discipline. Although each class boasts a teacher, the focus remains on the child’s learning, not the teacher’s teaching. This process, when offered in a calm and respectful environment, unleashes the child’s ability to develop and learn naturally without restriction and at a pace that allows him to build confidence as he progresses. Both individual and group instruction with an emphasis on cognitive structures and social development further helps the child to advance. Every activity, tool, instruction and method utilised in a Little Bees Montessori classroom is strategically designed to support the student and help develop his own interests and abilities to his fullest.
Our lessons start from:
  • 08.00am to 12.00 noon for Half day (Monday to Friday excluding Public holidays)
  • 08.00am to 3.30pm for Full day (Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays)
  • School provides Lunch for those on full day
  • We have a local trip once every year and one outside trip once every year.
  • We observe all Zimbabwean School terms and have Mid Term breaks each Term

Zimbabwe Cell Nos: +263774789675
International Cell Nos: +211912178351 / +27653885849
Midlands Province Zimbabwe,
Stand No. 934 Eastlea Zvishavane